Top Instagram Locations in the PNW

Top Instagram locations in the PNW

There are many social networks that have gained popularity recently. You have Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Tumblr… and many others. But what we think is perhaps the best social network among such fierce competition, is the unassuming Instagram. Instagram started out as a simple photo sharing service, nothing more than that. And this simplicity is what has garnered for it huge popularity, and nowadays it’s one of the most widely used social networks in existence.

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People like to share photos of what they had to eat, short videos of them exercising, and various pictures of themselves with friends, hanging out. But perhaps the most popular theme on all Instagram pictures is the theme of awe-inspiring places of the world. If you want to find out what a place looks like, chances are that if you hit the “hashtag” option and you add the place you like to see, then you will see thousands, if not millions of pictures of that place, made by users that have been there, from all throughout the world. So, what do the Instagram trends show? What is the hottest new destination for snapping pics for Instagram?

Introducing Pacific NW, the top Instagram location

If you’ve been at this location, you know that it has a lot to offer, from the awe-inspiring sites of nature, to busy street life. Without further ado, we’re about to present to you some of the top Instagram locations in the Pacific NW.

The first location we’d like to present to you is the city of Seattle itself. If you really want to take in city in its entire glory, we recommend you to go to the top of the Sky View Observatory. This place is located in downtown Seattle, and it’s really high ranked among Instagram users because of the pictures you can take of the 360-degree view of the city. From here you can see the Lake Washington, Mount Rainier, Puget Sound… and many other Seattle locations worthy of a picture. The bad thing here is that it rains quite frequently, but this doesn’t need to deter you, because the rain is in itself a beautiful theme for your new Instagram photos.

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Not too far away from the city, lies Diablo Lake. The location of this place is near the Canadian border in North Cascades National park. The good thing is that you can tour both of these places as they are less than three hours of driving apart. And when you get to this lake… Oh my God, you’re in for a treat. You’ll see the beautiful view of a blue lake spread over the land. This is a wonderful sight in itself, and more than you need in order to fill in your Instagram quota, but you can take photos while fishing or kayaking at this lake, as you can do just that. You can also camp here, and if you like walking in natural terrains, you’ll love the fact that you can hike here.

Next in line we have another awe-inspiring lake you can visit – Crater Lake. Even though this lake is a bit far off from civilization (at least a four-hour drive from Portland), it offers breathtaking sights, which will in turn captivate all of the people that see the photos that you took and you posted on Instagram. This is in fact the deepest lake that the United States have to offer, and the deepest part of it is 1,943 feet! But despite this depth, the lake is so clear that it looks like a crystal, and at times it may seem like you can even see the bottom of the lake. Definitely a worthy destination for any Instagram aficionado.

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Finally, we have one more location to recommend to you. It’s the city of Bend, which is to be found in the heart of Oregon. If you like to be in the “great outdoors” then this place is a great pick for you. There are various ways in which you can have fun and take amazing, unique pictures, such as rock climbing or hiking. If you’re the restaurant type though, then you’ll have a blast here as well, as the restaurants at this place offer high quality food and drinks for anyone that visits.

These are only some of the top locations for snapping pics for Instagram, in the Pacific NW. Truth be told, there are many other breathtaking places in this location as well, and if you do a bit more research you’ll realize that the Pacific NW region is a paradise for Instagram photo takers. All you need is a high quality camera, a willingness to explore the world, and a basic knowledge of camera work and photography, and you’ll see that your Instagram profile will soar in popularity almost instantly.