Finding a Wedding Photographer

I’m currently on the search for a photographer for my wedding. So far, I’ve talked to Portland wedding photographer Dylan M Howell and really liked the effort he put into his wedding guide. The amount of helpful information was pretty surprising. I had no idea how hard planning a wedding would really be. Having a conversation about light on the day, timeline, and posing issues definitely made me feel better about the whole situation. Here is one of his photographs, I’m hoping my wedding day can be nearly as beautiful.

I still don’t have a location picked out. I’m debating between staying home in Portland and dealing with the possible rain or eloping somewhere more majestic. There are definite arguments for both sides. I know that either way I’ll be married and that is all that matters. The one thing I didn’t expect with trying to find a wedding photographer was dealing with all of the different pricing structures. They all have different packages, hourly rates, usage charges for photos or printing, taxes, retainers, add-ons like albums and canvases. I liked Dylan‘s simple pricing system, now I’m just hoping I can afford it when it comes time to book.

I am looking forward to being the wedding and not having to take a single photo. I’ve been at too many friends weddings and they always expect the photographer guests to take a few shots and then send them that day. It’s going to be so nice to leave the camera at home and trust the professional to get the shots.

Do any of you have experience finding a photographer? Can you help me at all with the process or tell me who you used? I’d love to see examples of their work and get reviews on how you liked them. I feel like I’m putting so much pressure on myself to find the perfect photographer and I’m 99% sure I have, but I’m always open to other thoughts!