Preparing for the Wedding Ceremony

Preparing for the wedding ceremony on the grand day!

After the arrival of the bride’s team and the bridegroom’s team at the wedding venue, the officiant will ensure that the marriage will be conducted as per the previous discussions. The wedding plan will be implemented by following the sequence and timings. The wedding ceremony will take place for about 20 to 30 minutes. There might be unexpected delays while conducting the marriage. Hence, there should be an allowance of 15 minutes. The photographer should have a list of people who needs to be included in each photo.

Wedding photography

The wedding website will provide complete information about the wedding ceremony. The guests, their names and transport arrangements will be mentioned on the site. The wedding planning should be done in a very efficient way so that all the guests are covered by photographers. The photographer and videographer should not miss out important tasks.

As the photos should be shared on the wedding website as well as social media, photos of various types and sizes should be captured. The wedding party photos should be captured by applying appropriate filters and light settings. The bride and bridegroom arrival, dinner & speeches, cake cutting ceremony, the first dance and departure of the bride and groom should be captured in a very efficient way. The once-in-lifetime snaps should be captured by multiple photographers. The styles, scenes and designs requested by the bride, groom and other family members (as per the contract) should be fulfilled in the best possible way.

If the wedding ceremony starts in the evening around 6 pm, there will be late night party as well. Some of the guests will join in the DJ as well.

pink bouquet photo

Role of church officiant

The church officiant will provide complete information about the membership, usage of infrastructure and other facilities which can be used by guests on the wedding day. Some churches stipulate the membership to use the premises for the wedding. Pre-marital counseling sessions will be arranged based on the request of bride and groom. The number of days that they should attend will be informed by the officiant.

The cost of booking the church, the capacity of the church hall (for seating arrangements), the advance to be paid for booking the church and other factors should be found from the official. You should also find out if there are any restrictions on taking photos in the premises. The restrictions regarding flowers, candles and other decorative elements should be found so that there will be great convenience.

Some church traditions will not allow the throwing of confetti, rose petals, birdseed or blow bubbles. The access to wheelchair should be found so that physically challenged guests will also be accommodated through proper wedding planning.


The content of the wedding ceremony can be personalized by consulting the officiant. You should be aware of the restrictions imposed on the music band, volume and type of instrument, etc. you should have information about another wedding that might take place on the same day or the next so that the arrangements can be done quickly and they can be removed at the earliest. The firsthand information will ensure that there will be better planning and all the wedding arrangements will be done in a very efficient way.

The church policy about interfaith marriages should be found from the officiant. The availability of list of references should be conveyed to the officiant. Ideas and ceremony suggestions should be disclosed so that the wedding ceremony can be customized to reflect your personal taste. It is possible to deliver great moments to family and friends by organizing a well planned wedding ceremony.

You should convey your laid-back or formal style. The arrival of the celebrant, planning and preparation of ceremony, rehearsal at the wedding venue should be checked with the celebrant. If the celebrant has other commitments on the wedding day, the wedding schedule should be implemented precisely so that all the things are conducted in a systematic way and things will not overlap. The efficiency of the wedding planner should be found before hiring and relevant documents should be handed over to the planner to implement them as per the schedule. The cake maker should present his items beforehand and necessary accessories should be provided. The wedding photographer should cover cake cutting photos prominently.